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Rossmax Digital Flexi Tip Thermometer / Pyrometer ( TB 200 )
Rossmax Digital Flexi Tip Thermometer / Pyrometer ( TB 200 )

Rossmax Digital Flexi Tip Thermometer / Pyrometer ( TB 200 )


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Key Features
    Type B Classification
    95° F - 107.6° F)
    12 Grams Weight Including Battery
    0.2° C under 35.5° C or Over 42.0° C (0.4° F under 95.9° F or Over            107.6° F)
    10 Seconds Measurement
    35.5° C - 42° C (0.2° F
    One 1.5 V DC Button Battery
    Accuracy - O.1° C
    Fever Alarm
    Easy to Use
    High Accuracy
    On and Off Button
    Dimension 12.4 (L) x 2.4 (W) x 1.2 (H) cm
    Approx 200 Hours Battery Life
    Storage and Transportation Condition - Temperature 10° C - 55° C (14°       F - 131° F)
    Relative Humidity - 95% RH
At Standard Room Temperature of 18° C to 28° C (64.4° F to 82.4° F)

If you want to experience speed and precision while you measure your body temperature, Rossmax TB200 digital thermometer could be ideal for you. This thermometer is a probe-type thermometer suitable for rectal, oral or auxillary temperature measurement. With the flexible tip built in this digital thermometer, you can measure your body temperature with ease and convenience. You can get precise results in a quick response time of 10 seconds making it ideal for anyone.

Designed with comfort and ease of use in mind, this 
ROSSMAX DIGITAL FLEXI TIP THERMOMETER ( TB 200 ) is simple and intuitive in its operation. This thermometer comes with dimensions of 2.4 (W) x 1.2 (H) x 12.4 (D) cm and weighs 12 g, making it compact and small. The control panel in the Rossmax thermometer comprises of the on and off push button and an easy-to-view 3 digit LCD screen. You can view your body temperature comfortably as the LCD screen displays your temperature readings with enhanced clarity.

Whilst taking care of accuracy and speed, the Rossmax digital thermometer also provides convenient and comfortable usage. With the Memory function featured in the Rossmax TB200, you can store the measurement value of your last reading, therefore enabling you to monitor your fever fluctuation and progress. The Fever alarm in this digital thermometer alerts you if you have fever.

You can also clean and wash your thermometer after each use as it is waterproof. The Rossmax digital thermometer is capable of displaying a temperature range of 90.0-109.9 degree Fahrenheit. Attributed for high accuracy, this thermometer is calibrated at a rate of +/-0.2 degree Fahrenheit for temperature ranging from 95-107.6 degree Fahrenheit and +/-0.4 degree Fahrenheit for temperature ranging under 95.9 degree Fahrenheit and over 107.6 degree Fahrenheit.

This digital thermometer by Rossmax operates at a temperature ranging from 5-40 degree Celsius with humidity of 85 per cent RH. Storing this temperature is ideal at a temperature ranging from 10-55 degree Celsius. The Rossmax TB200 digital thermometer is powered by a 1.5 VDC button battery that has a life of up to 200 hours, making it efficient. Additionally, the battery life is also augmented with the Auto shut-off function in the Rossmax TB200 thermometer as the device automatically shuts down if left idle for a prolonged period.

Specifications of Rossmax TB200 Thermometer

In The Box
Sales Package     
Main Unit, Protective Case, Battery

Product Details
Brand: Rossmax
Model ID: TB200  

Device Characteristics
Temperature Display: 90.0° F - 109.9° F
Auto Shut Off: Yes
Flexible Tip: Yes
Display: LCD
Buzzer: Yes
Water Resistant: Yes
Memory Function: Yes

Measurement Accuracy Measurement Range
90.0° F - 109.9° F

Power Requirements
Power Source
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