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New Rossmax S150F Blood Pressure Monitor /Digital Wrist Bp MonitorZ - One-Touch
New Rossmax S150F Blood Pressure Monitor /Digital Wrist Bp MonitorZ - One-Touch
New Rossmax S150F Blood Pressure Monitor /Digital Wrist Bp MonitorZ - One-Touch

New Rossmax S150F Blood Pressure Monitor /Digital Wrist Bp MonitorZ - One-Touch


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Key Features
  • Smart Sense Technology
  • Automatic Air Release Valve Deflation
  • Operation Environment: 10° C - 40° C-40 - 85 % RH
  • Storage Environment: -10° C - 60° C-10 - 90 % RH
  • 1.5 V DC Power Source
  • 82 (L) X 69 (W) X 66 (H) mm Dimensions
  • Adult: 24 - 36 cm
  • Arm Circumference
  • Limited Users: Adult Users

The Rossmax S150 digital BP monitor is attributed with benefits like portability, convenience and accuracy, giving you a comfortable and easy measuring process with enhanced efficiency. This Rossmax S150 operates in a complete automated manner, capable of delivering accurate and genuine readings in a shorter duration of time.
This BP monitor utilizes the Oscillometric method to determine your blood pressure readings and pulse rates. If you are skeptical about the accuracy of this blood pressure monitor, you don't have to be, as this device has been designed complying with the European regulations and conforming to the provisions of EC council directive 93/42/EEC. Moreover, the accuracy of the Rossmax S150 BP monitor has been tested and validated making the device safe and reliable.

The Rossmax S150 digital wrist BP monitor combines a compact design with ease of use to deliver optimal performance. Weighing about 115 g and measuring 69 (W) x 66 (H) x 42 (L) mm in dimensions, this wrist BP monitor is lightweight and portable. You can carry the device with you even if you are travelling. This digital wrist BP monitor comprises of a main unit that has a cuff integrated in it.

This main unit comes with a user-friendly control panel that houses easy-to-use one touch operation buttons and a large LCD screen, built for easy viewing. This LCD screen simultaneously displays your systolic and diastolic pressure readings along with your pulse rates. The cuff in this BP monitor measures 13.5-22 cm in diameter and has been designed to protect you against electrical shocks. With the cuff integrated in the unit, you can operate and handle the BP monitor with ease. You simply have to do strap the cuff around your wrist and with just a touch of a button; your measurement readings are taken.

Performance and Features
The Rossmax S150 digital wrist BP monitor features the latest Smart Sense Technology that automatically senses your pulse signals, allowing an automatic inflation and deflation of the cuff. This technology supports an advanced air control system that determines the ideal cuff inflation by detecting the correct pulse signal. At the same time, the electronic deflation valve controls the deflation rate, enabling the monitor to automatically adjust cuff pressure during deflation.

This BP monitor from Rossmax possesses a Memory feature that is capable of saving 90 readings, enabling you to keep track of your blood pressure readings for further examination. The Rossmax wrist blood pressure monitor displays a wide range of 40-250 mmHg for pressure readings and 40-199 beats/minute for pulse rates. Efficient and reliable, the accuracy rate is regulated at +/-3 mmHg and +/-5% of reading for pressure and pulse rates respectively.

You can operate the Rossmax wrist BP monitor at a temperature ranging from 10 to 40 degree Celsius with humidity ranging from 40 to 85% RH. Storing this BP monitor is ideal at a temperature range of -10 to 60 degree Celsius and humidity range of 10 to 90% RH. The Rossmaz automatic BP monitor runs on 2 AAA batteries. With the Rossmax S150 BP monitor's Auto Shut-off function, the durability of the battery life is enhanced as the device automatically shuts down if left unattended for more than a minute.

Specifications of Rossmax S150 Digital- Wrist Bp Monitor

Sales Package
Main Unit, Batteries, Cone Cuff, Instruction Manual, Soft Bag

Type - Wrist
Model ID - S150
Model Name - Digital- Wrist
Brand - Rossmax

Memory Function - Yes

Measurement Range Pressure(mmHg) (Max): - 250 mmHg
Measurement Range Pulse(beats/min) (Max) - 199 beats/min
Measurement Range Pulse(beats/min) (Min) - 40 beats/min
Measurement Method - Oscillometric Method
Measurement Accuracy Pressure(mmHg) -  ±3 mmHg
Measurement Range Pressure(mmHg) (Min) - 40 mmHg
Measurement Accuracy Pulse(% of reading) - ±5 % of reading

Power Source - Battery
No. of Battery - 2
Battery Type: - AAA
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