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Large, Medium& Small Lightly Powdered Disposable Latex Gloves- For Left & Right Hand

Large, Medium& Small Lightly Powdered Disposable Latex Gloves- For Left & Right Hand


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Medium Size Lightly Powdered Disposable Latex Gloves High Quality
Dusted With Absorbable Corn-Starch Powder (U.S.P)

Non - Sterile
Single Use Only
Common for Left & Right Hand

We have also available these gloves in different sizes: Small, Medium & Large

User should consider the circumstances of use in deciding whether to remove any residual powder on gloves after donning. Powder can be removed by wiping gloves thoroughly with a sterile wet sponge, sterile wet towel or other effective methods “Safe use of this glove by or on latex sensitized individuals has not been established.”

Isolated cases of allergies reactions to rubber latex or powder have been reported. If you experience a reaction to this product, discontinue use immediately and consult your physician. This product contains Natural Rubber Latex which may cause allergic reactions in some individuals.

“Other components used in making gloves may cause allergic reactions in some users.”

Store in cool, dry place, avoid excessive heat (300C). Opened box should be shielded from exposure to direct sun or fluorescent lighting. Good quality latex gloves provide an excellent biological barrier. They are not intended for use as a chemical barrier.

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