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Hi-Lipo Contour J-8440- BIO Stim Therapy For Stubborn Fats
Hi-Lipo Contour J-8440- BIO Stim Therapy For Stubborn Fats

Hi-Lipo Contour J-8440- BIO Stim Therapy For Stubborn Fats

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Hi-Lipo Contour J-8440+Treatment For Complete Slimming - Us FDA Approved


Hi-Lipo contour gives the most precisely- designed treatment for complete slimming. Hi-Lipo contour Bio-Stim Therapy is very comfortable and reaches deeper layers of the body where stubborn fats get accumulated. The slimming device is ideal for Circumferential Reduction.


Product Description :


  • US FDA Approved.
  • Beautifies body in a medical way.
  • Non-aggressive and 100% natural.
  • Results in smoother skin and a more appealing contour via collagen stimulation.
  • Non-Invasive body reshaping treatment.
  • Uses Bio-Stimulation Technology that electronically simulates the body's impulses to reshape the body.
  • Power Sequence for Toning of muscles.
  • Special waveforms are used in this slimming device for deep and precise

 penetration to break adipose tissues.

  • LCD Touch Screen for easy operations.
  • Classic vector for immediate inch loss.
  • Pre-Programmed Protocols.
  • Fast, Intensified and Long Lasting results. 


Technical Specifications


  • Channels: 8 Channels/ 16 Pads.
  • Modes: Sculpt, Lift & Tone, Strengthen.
  • Waveform: Symmetrical Sine wave & Biphasic wave.
  • Frequency: 40 Hz-4000 Hz.
  • Output: 80 V (Bio-Stim).
  • Timer: Selectable 30, 45 Minutes and Continuous.


Special Features

  • Treatment for complete slimming.
  • Reduces cellulite.
  • Non-Invasive body reshaping treatment.
  • Fat and Circumference Reduction.
  • Elective firming of specific and most difficult body portions

i.e. buttocks, abdomen and thighs.

  • Spot & Volume Reduction.
  • Non-surgical with no side-effects.
  • Restore skin elasticity.



  • Heating Pads.
  • Instruction Manual.
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