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Alarsin Leptaden For Galactopoietic, Lactogenic With Jeevanti -100 Tablets
Alarsin Leptaden For Galactopoietic, Lactogenic With Jeevanti -100 Tablets
Alarsin Leptaden For Galactopoietic, Lactogenic With Jeevanti -100 Tablets
Alarsin Leptaden For Galactopoietic, Lactogenic With Jeevanti -100 Tablets

Alarsin Leptaden For Galactopoietic, Lactogenic With Jeevanti -100 Tablets


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Product Description: Leptaden has: Galactopoietic, Lactogenic and Galactokinetic actions.
Leptaden is stimulated within 8 to 12 hours in most of the cases.
Noticeable improvement in Lactation occurs within 5-7 days of treatment.
Measurement of Test Feeds show increases in quantity of milk.
Helps to improve and maintain Protien, Fat, Calcium and Ash contents of Breast Milk.
Lactation is maintained even after the treatment is discontinued.
Flow of milk is easy and child can suck comfortably.

LEPTADEN in management of Habitual and Threatened abortions, Premature and "Ratva" - Births:
LEPTADEN inhibits bio-synthesis of PGF2 by uterine tissues
Normalizes environmental factors for proper implantation of fertilized Ovum
Has helped even in cases with history of 4-10 previous abortions
With Leptaden, significantly better results observed than those with conventional drugs.
No harmful side effects to mother or foetus.
In Primigravadia: Leptaden can be safely given as prophylaxis to ensure Full Term Normal Delivery and Live Birth.

Brand : Alarsin Leptaden
Weight: Comes in 100 Tablets
2 tablets thrice a day after delivery for 4 weeks( it is suggested that Leptaden be started from the 1st day of delivery for better results)
In Habitual abortions: Pre-conception treatment : 2 tabs tds continuously for 3 months even during menses (Celibacy is to be observed during this period). After this, once pregnancy is suspected 2 tablets tds throughout pregnancy.
In threatened abortions: start 2 tablets tds at the earliest and continue throughout pregnancy.
In primigravida as Prophylaxis: 2 tablets bd throughout pregnancy to ensure FTND & FTLB.

Ingredients:Jeevanti, Kamboji

Side Effects:Safe, no harmful side effects.

About Brand
Over 50 years ago, ALARSIN set up 'Manthan' its research division to develop original research products based on Ayurvedic drugs in the light of ancient and modern medical knowledge to fill the need for safe, simple and reliable treatments. With the encouragement and co-operation of quality Doctors, ALARSIN has been able to contribute original Research products backed by extensive clinical experience and modern research trials at the highest levels. A number of research papers and articles based on modern Clinical, Pharmacological, Bacteriological and Experimental studies on ALARSIN’S research products have been presented before Medical, Dental and Veterinary Conferences and published in recognized Medical Journals in India and abroad.

Objectives & subjective evaluation of results:
The results were evaluated objectively & subjectively on the basis of controlled, double blind cross over trials, laboratory and other investigation, clinical observation and follow-ups. Some of the pharmacological, experimental and toxicity tests are also included.
Positive advantages: At present there are no satisfactory drugs for a number of indications covered by ALARSIN-products. Of course, there are “specific” double edged drugs but their usefulness is limited because of toxicity, adverse side affects, contra-indications, resistance, withdrawal effects. Against this background ALARSIN-products have proved safe, simple and with curative aspects.

Disclaimer :
The statements above and about this product have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The information on this Leaflet/brochure/Website or in emails is designed for educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your physician or family doctor.

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